About Us


The mission of the CFP, through its administrative tribunal and oversight activities, is to help ensure that citizens have equal access to the public service, that those promoted and recruited have the required competencies, and that the decisions made by human resources management within the public service are impartial and equitable.

Main Mandates

As an administrative tribunal, the Commission hears the following types of recource:

  • On working conditions and administrative or disciplinary measures relating to public servants not governed by a collective agreement;
  • On the interpretation or application of the agreement on the working conditions of criminal and penal prosecutors;
  • On the psychological harassment of public servants and not governed by a collective agreement; as well as of members and directors of public service bodies;
  • From public servants, regarding the procedures used to determine their eligibility or to evaluate them, during a promotion-only qualification process
  • From certain persons entitled to return to the public service.

It also holds discussions and information sessions on promotion (only qualification process), and offers mediation to the parties following any of the other means of recourse mentioned above.

As an oversight agency, the Commission does the following :

  • Verifies the impartiality and fairness of decisions affecting public servants;
  • Ascertains whether the system of recruitment and promotion of public servants complies with the Public Service Act and its regulations;

To that end, the Commission conducts audits and any investigations it deems necessary in the departments and agencies of the public service. It makes recommendations to the competent authorities and may report to the National Assembly if it finds it useful.

Other Mandates

The Commission also carries out the following activities, in addition to its administrative tribunal and oversight:

  • Offers an information service to answer questions from its clientele;
  • Provides opinions on any matter within its jurisdiction.
  • Conducts studies on human resource management in the public service;
  • Certifies that candidates are assessed using an impartial evaluation method during a qualification process.
  • Presents the results of its audit and investigation reports and its studies to the interested public service organizations;


  • Citizen
  • Public servant
  • Employee association
  • Association des procureurs aux poursuites criminelles et pénales (The association of criminal and penal prosecutors)
  • Public service body member and director
  • Persons entitled to return to the public service
  • L'Assemblée Nationale du Québec (The National Assembly of Québec)
  • Conseil du trésor du Québec et son président (Québec's treasury board and its Chair)
  • Department and agency staffed pursuant to the Public Service Act

For further information, please contact our information service at 1 800 432-0432 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.